About Us

Our Company

Lifestar Medical is a family run business based in Truro, the heart of Cornwall and within easy reach of the rest of the country. In addition to the work we do in partnership with the local NHS trusts, we provide long distance repatriation for the medical and travel insurance industries, cater for private patient transfers locally and nationally as well as providing a range of cover to suit any event.

We as a company pride ourselves on the quality of our service. Supporting our staff to work autonomously, achieving the highest levels of care that they can every day. Along with our staff, our commitment to the efficient delivery of our services ensures that we are well known for the provision of high quality patient centred care.

Our Team
David Lawton - Paramedic / Director

Dave's career started in the Police Force in Staffordshire but on moving to Cornwall he trained as a paramedic. Having served thirty years with South West Ambulance NHS Trust, he was part of the team responsible for launching the first air ambulance in the country. He was a supervisor with Cornwall Air Ambulance for eight years and left in 2004 having purchased Lifestar Medical. At this time the company was basically the name and one ambulance.

Since 2004, our company has gone from strength to strength. Using a wealth of knowledge and experience Dave has strived to provide the best vehicles, equipment and staff.

"My priority has always been the patient" he says "it is of the utmost importance that we provide them with the best care. I am immensely proud of the team of staff I have who feel the same way as me."

Dave's values and priorities are the very ethos that forms the foundations of Lifestar Medical.

Naomi Page - Managing Director

Since 2008 Naomi, Dave's daughter, has been an integral part of the company. Born and raised in Cornwall, she had a successful career within the local tourist and retail industry; here she learnt the skills she now utilises to run Lifestar Medical's base of operations.

Adding First Response Emergency Care Qualifications to her CV and entering into healthcare alongside her father, Naomi's dedication to the company as Director has enabled Lifestar Medical to continue its successful growth.

Naomi's attention to detail and ever increasing knowledge within this sector has been an essential factor underpinning our latest CQC rating.

Beth Page - Administrator

Continuing in her mother's footsteps, Beth has joined the company as our accounts administrator. With an educational background in care and a passion for first aid she is fast becoming a multi-skilled member of the team.

Beth Page, Administrator
Chelsea Jones, Co-ordinator
Keith Barrett, Co-ordinator
Chelsea Jones, Keith Barrett and Jen Rogers (photo coming soon!) - Co-ordinators

As the company expands so too does our management team. Our co-ordinators help to expand the wealth of experience and skills within our team. Whilst patient centred, quality care is at the hearts of all three co-ordinators their separate abilities in logistics, staff management and IT help to make them a well-oiled machine.

Our Staff

Our team come from a myriad of backgrounds with the experience to prove it, they are a part of our team as well as our family. Following the companies dedication to our patients and our visions and values you can rest assured we will care for those most important to you.

We take our work very seriously and our commitment to patient care is of the highest standard, but our entire team do enjoy a laugh in the appropriate circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us at any time either by phone or through our booking page. Our friendly and helpful staff will give accurate quotations for any journey or event and your request will receive our fullest attention.

Our Mission

To provide a competitive, alternative, responsive Ambulance Service that provides excellence to our patients and value for money to our commissioners.

Our Vision

To grow and develop our Ambulance Services to become the service of choice for patients, the NHS and other commissioners.

Our Values

Patient Centred Care - a commitment to care and compassion is paramount and defines what we do.

Competence - providing the expertise, clinical and technical knowledge to deliver effective care.

Communication - listening and responding to patients and staff, building successful caring relationships and improving how we work.

Respect and dignity - intelligent kindness for everyone we encounter.

Wellbeing - Understanding the requirements for patients and staff to be happy and healthy.

To achieve this mission and support the delivery of our vision, whilst maintaining our values, we have developed Lifestar Medical's Customer Charter. The charter encompasses patients and commissioners of our service.

Learn - Monitor, reflect and learn from every patient and every journey.
Improve - Always look for ways to improve our patient experience and relationships.
Focus - On patient centred care and compassion as well as the wellbeing of all.
Efficiency/Effectiveness - Provide a service proven to work in a timely, cost efficient manner at all times.
Safety - Principal concern for our patients and staff.
Treatment - Ensure that only highly trained and skilled individuals, qualified to the appropriate level provide 1st class service.
Accountability towards our contractors, patients and staff.
Respect - Particularly our patients but treat everyone we come into contact with, with dignity and respect.